The ~Al Hamd~ Gift Guide

by Shama Sadruddin

The Al Hamd Gift Guide!

Jewelry is meant to be a part of your wardrobe, wear each piece when it speaks to you that day. Below are a few items that will complement one of your pieces.

al hamd gift guide

Yoga Mat
If you haven't tried yoga before, this just may be the year to do so. Adrienne with Yoga is the best place to start for any beginner. Make sure you have the best yoga mat when you start! Thin ones may work for a bit, but wear out quickly and definitely will cause strain on your wrists. Opt for this if you can!
Baggu Bag
The only place you are leaving your house for is likely going to be groceries. Grab this foldable reusable bag for your quick trips. When folded it can inconspicuously fit in your pocket, then it'll convert to a useable bag when needed.
Huda Nude Palette
When your Zoom meetings call for a bit of perkiness, grab this palette and give yourself a neutral daytime smokey eye (I promise it exists!). Huda is the queen of the smokey neutral, check out her YouTube page for tips.
Glossier Future Dew
Compliment your neutral smokey eye with a lit from within glow. Glossier rarely ever misses, and this obviously falls in that category. Wear it during your work meetings or during zoom yoga, it'll always work.
SM Cup
If you need a tumbler that'll keep your water nice and cold for a few hours and still look chic in the middle of meetings, this is your gal. First introduced to me by Cupcakes and Cashmere, I haven't regretted it for a second.
Patagonia Quarter Zip
If ethical and friendly business practices are important to you, check out Patagonia. Their priority is climate change, and they act on it. Also, they don't highlight Black Friday because they prioritize their employees too. Check 'em out.
Girlfriend Leggings
Speaking of sustainable business practices, Girlfriend makes their clothes with recycled water bottles. RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES. One of the coolest practices I've seen, it certainly doesn't sacrifice quality either. Pick Thyme.
Face Halo
Influencer Chloe Morello is the co-founder of this useful and sustainable brand. They have only one item, but it's a good one. Use just a little bit of water and even the most stubborn waterproof makeup will melt away.
Jo Malone Wild Bluebell
One of the most unique fragrances I've ever encountered. Try a sample and be transported.


Please, never feel obligated to make purchases for the sake of shopping. This is a unique and hard time for everyone. Have some fun reading, and make purchases if and when you need to. Happy Holidays!

💚 Shama