The ~Ali~ Gift Guide

by Shama Sadruddin

The Ali Necklace Guide!

Jewelry is meant to be a part of your wardrobe, wear each piece when it speaks to you that day. Below are a few items that will complement one of your pieces.

Stila Beso

This shade of red lipstick is the one Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses! If you're ever in the need to feel like a BAMF, or respond to someone who uses profane language at you, put on this gorgeous shade of red, and boss up.

Moleskine Notebook

I use one of these every single day. Actually, I use multiple of these every day! I have one Moleskine for Lythe, one for work, and one for recipes. Hands down they are my favorite notebooks for every day work. I prefer the hard cover notebooks for work, and the soft cover notebooks for less stressful items. I use a Pilot G2 .38 pen, and am one of those gals who has to have my own pen on me.

Hydro flask

You will use your hydro flask. every. single. day. Nothing keeps your water colder. I've literally put ice and water in my hydro flask in the morning, and at the end of the work day there was still ice in my hydro flask! If you need ice water like I do, try this one out.

Huda Skin Finish

Huda is hands down the authority on make up, if you follow her on instagram you'll agree. If you don't follow her on instagram you should! Check out her newest drop for a flawless canvass you don't have to worry about. 

Aesop Resurrection Duo

Tis the season of hand washing, hand sanitizing, and every other germ free type of hand management you could think of. My hands have been feeling especially dry as of late and could use a bit of pampering. This is my favorite scent they have, but you can't go wrong with any Aesop option.

Glossier Boy Brow / Lip Duo

As a South Asian woman, nothing on the face is as important as the brows. Glossier Boy Brow is the original, and nothing is better than this original. The Generation G Lip in Cake is my personal favorite. This is the best duo for the every day face, and looks perfect on Zoom too. 

Theory Skinny Faux Leather Pencil Skirts

I actually don't have this piece but wow it is just gorgeous. It's in my cart for when my office opens back on up.

Blue Light Glasses

Chances are you've been looking at a screen a LOT more than usual lately. There's no saying what impact this extended dependency on screens will be doing to our eyes. I certainly won't be giving up my iPhone and laptop - so protect yourself with some blue light glasses now.

Chanel Gabrielle Essence


Every Chanel fragrance is unique, this one manages not to be too old, and not too fruity and young either. Perfect for a young woman in the workplace.

Please, never feel obligated to make purchases for the sake of shopping. This is a unique and hard time for everyone. Have some fun reading, and make purchases if and when you need to. Happy Holidays!

💚 Shama