The ~Salaam~ Gift Guide

by Shama Sadruddin

The Salaam Gift Guide!

Jewelry is meant to be a part of your wardrobe, wear each piece when it speaks to you that day. Below are a few items that will complement one of your pieces.

salaam gift guide

Matcha Whisk

The perfect alternative to coffee. Matcha green tea has so many hidden benefits, and is more palatable than it's brewed green tea counterparts. Whisk some matcha powder up with some hot water, combine it with (sweetened) milk, and rep the rewards. (Support BIPOC owned businesses while you're at it!)


Throw your hair back with a big floofy scrunchie. Chances are it won't leave a crease, and it definitely won't leave you with a hair tie head ache. Bonus points, you can add a bit of color to either match or complement your wardrobe.

Jade Roller

You've seen this around for a while now and aren't sure if it's worth the trouble. Grab one if you can and find out! Jade Rolling dates back to 7th century China, and is known to decrease puffy skin in addition to a multitude of other benefits. Don't knock it until you try it.

Glossier Hoodie

Emily Weiss has created a true unicorn with Glossier. What other make up brand would you like to wear a sweatshirt from? 

Huda Lashes

Huda brings make up to the masses. If you're worried about trying these out go to her website and learn a bit about makeup and application. Or her YouTube channel. Or her instagram. You get the point! 


Classic and comfortable. Wear them at home, wear them to the grocery store, wear them when you have to go to work, these trusty classics will go everywhere with you.

Alice and Olivia Dress

A little bit fancy, a little casual. This Alice and Olivia dress can be gussied on up, and it can be relaxed on down. A perfect transition piece if you do have anywhere to go. (Wear a mask please!)

Carlo Mack Hat

If you need something to add to your blogger in the making wardrobe, this hat is just the ticket. Throw on your Gucci belt and Beige booties and have your insta-husband start taking some shots.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

One of the sweetest fragrances I've encountered. Whenever I wear it people (read guys) always ask me what it is. If sweet scents are your preference, go for this one. 

Please, never feel obligated to make purchases for the sake of shopping. This is a unique and hard time for everyone. Have some fun reading, and make purchases if and when you need to. Happy Holidays!

💚 Shama